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Living My Best Life!

I am an empty nester. At times, this is a hard statement and in others, a welcome relief :)

I feel like I have crossed some type of finish line, and then wake up to realize I am only getting started!

I am a wife, momma to three beautiful young women, nae-nae to three amazing grandkids, and a dog/cat momma as well! My life is full, loud, and busy!

While I cherish my relationships and am so honored by each role represented above, my favorite place is sitting in the quiet with Holy Spirit, listening to the heart of my heavenly Father. He is the one who truly gets me. He sees all the best and worst of me and still loves me; calling me beloved and chosen.

It is for Him I write. For His body - the church - to encourage and equip her for every good work by sharing the truth He places on my heart. I pray with every fiber of my being that you find hope and healing here. That you experience, perhaps for the first time, unconditional love. It's here for you - and so much more!

Join me!! The BEST is yet to come :)

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